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Who We Are

Hendatronic Technology

was established in 2013, and now is a leading

global distributor of Integrated Circuits.

Hendatronic Technology, aka CLHD Technology, is an independent distributor that stocks and sources a diverse range of electronic components.


We carry an on-shelf inventory of components for Active, Passive & interconnects such as Semiconductors, Memory, Flash, Micros, Programmable Logic, CPUs, Connectors, Capacitors, Crystals, Oscillators, as well as Hardware, Memory Storage, and other Peripheral Products.

We consider our primary strengths to be a strategic supplier for our customers, offering cost savings on customers' key components for their long-term needs and offering the highest level of customer service and satisfaction. Through our long-established business partners, we have the ability to source components globally for the best possible solutions and costs.


Some other key assets we offer are the value-added services OEMs have come to expect from their top-tier vendors. Hendatronic has the versatility in resources to supply leading-edge technology as well as the obsolete and heavily allocated products. We also offer asset recovery on excess inventory solutions and cost savings programs.


Our professional and well-experienced sales team will provide quality solutions for your business in this constantly evolving industry.


Our Mission

Source Any Components You Need, Help to Grow Your Business Continually.

Integrated circuits continues to be in short supply worldwide. And our one-stop procurement service can effectively relieve the production pressure of the global manufacturers and help to increase the revenue.

Core Values


Get your high-quality product to market on time, on-target, and grow your business.


Tested, proven world-class electronics design,

prototyping & PCB assembly


Work with an experienced purchasing team: QA every step of the way and real-time support.

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